Things That Ruin Spring!

Bless you!

Spring is here, and a new survey is celebrating it by, pointing out all the bad things about it.  According to the survey, these are the five biggest things that ruin our fun during the spring . . .

The biggest buzzkill about spring are allergies according to this survey!  The survey  reveals that people’s allergy symptoms are causing them to miss out on life’s enjoyments, with two in three sufferers saying their symptoms hold them back from doing activities they love. 

More than half of allergy sufferers say they avoid going outside all together if they can…Seasonal allergies also affect people’s ability to get their work done with the average people missing up to five work related events because their allergies are so bad!

When asked, these are the things that will ruin your spring!

1.  Allergies.

2.  Unpredictable weather.

3.  Heat.

4.  Our work schedules.

5.  How much things cost.