Things That We Refuse To Compromise On!

They include coffee, cars, and toilet paper!

A study of 2,000 adults found 23 percent believe life is too short to settle for anything but the best.


A fifth admit they don’t want to lower their standards, while one in six feel they deserve the best in life.


Wi-Fi quality, the size of the bed, chocolate brands are just a few on the list of things people refuse to compromise on.


The study also found further areas people refuse to accept anything but the best include shampoo and conditioner brands (25 percent), teabags (24 percent), and cuts of meat (17 percent).


Top 50 things Brits refuse to compromise on:


1. Quality toilet paper

2. Mattress quality

3. Brand of coffee

4. Wi-Fi broadband connection quality

5. Brand of chocolate

6. Shampoo/conditioner brand

7. Brand of ketchup

8. Brand of teabags

9. What to watch on TV

10. Mobile phone brand