Things We Love To Complain About!

A recent survey found the average person complains three times a day

Do you think that you could go an entire day without complaining?  A survey found that less than half of people believe that they could!

It’s not our fault; there are so many things to complain about these days….

Here are the ten things we complain about the most, according to the survey.

1.  Bad customer service.

2.  Telemarketers and robocalls.

3.  People who cut in line.

4.  Feeling cold.

5.  Packages or letters that don’t show up on time.

6.  Traffic.

7.  Trouble connecting to Wi-Fi.

8.  Litter, and people who litter.

9.  The weather.

10.  Feeling too hot.

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A few more that just missed the top ten are loud neighbours, people being late, no parking spaces, people who stare at their phones, spam emails, a bad phone signal, and feeling hungry.