Things you didn’t know Coca-cola could do

Coke Zero isn't just my favourite drink, its a must have in your everyday life!

Who knew that Coca-Cola could do more than quench your thirst!  Apparently Coke is a must have in your household!


Keep Flowers Fresh for Longer

Just add a little coke to the water in your flowers… Make sure not to add too much though, about ¼ cup of Coke to 1 cup of water should be perfect.


Stops Itching Caused by Mosquito Bites

Just rub a bit of Coco Cola in the area of the of the bite, and gain instant relief for from the itching!


Relief from Jellyfish Stings

Instead of having someone pee on your jellyfish sting, a less gross solution is to pour Coke over the area…


Cleaning your glasses

Just grab a soft piece of cloth or tissue, dab a bit of Coca Cola on it and give your glasses a good wipe to give yourself the gift of crystal clear vision!


Make Better Fertilizer

If you love spending time on your knees in the dirt, working away in the garden, then here’s a great tip for you. Pour a bit of Coke into your compost bin to help speed up the natural process.


Gets rid of blood stains…

Pour a bit of Coca-Cola along with your regular laundry detergent and give your clothes a good wash. The stains should be gone, and your clothes will be saved!


Cleans your jewellery

Simply soak the jewellery in a bit of Coca Cola overnight and give them a light wash under warm soapy water in the morning and you’ll have yourself shiny jewellery that looks brand new.