Things You Miss About Being Single!

You love your partner, but remember those things you did when you were single?

For those who have been in a relationship for a long time can relate to this. While you’re happy and love your partner, you can’t help but think about the good things about being single…

For example:

You can go days or weeks without shaving or waxing.

Only having to complete this task for special occasions, like your cousin’s wedding.


Not having to share the couch!

Again; cuddling can be fun, but sometimes sprawling out by yourself with a giant bowl of chips is the best!


Free Time! What is that?

If you’re a parent, a half hour to yourself means hiding in the bathroom and having a long shower. When you’re single, you can work out when you want, shop when you want and just do what you want without having to make lunches, dinners, do laundry etc.


Sleeping alone…

Again sharing the bed can be fun at times, but let’s face it. Sleeping with another can be disruptive to your sleep.



Remember when you had your own bathroom?


Not having to compromise.


As a parent you’re making dinners every day and let’s face it- there’s a least one that doesn’t want or like what you’re cooking.

Remember when you could cook what you wanted or just ordered take out just for you?


You can no longer catch the bouquet at your cousin’s wedding or throw yourself into Beyonce’s “All the Single Ladies” Song! Cause you have a ring on it!