Things You Should Never Keep In The Bathroom

So basically, everything in your bathroom, shouldn't be in there!

This list seems a little unrealistic, however; experts say if you can avoid it- keep these everyday items out of the Bathroom!


Medicine and vitamins

Your bathroom is filled with moisture as times and that can cause you meds of miracle pills to become less potent and go bad before they should.


Towels and bathrobes

Bathrooms often breed mold and mildew and your towels are susceptible to those gross fungi.  Keeping the fan on can help a bit, but you really should keep them elsewhere!



Lots of people like to read in the bathroom, books and magazines that are kept bathroom will absorb moisture, leaving you with wrinkled pages and deteriorating binding. 



The humidity from your bathroom can make jewelry tarnish more quickly than normal, especially when it comes to sterling silver. Store your jewelry in a cool, dry place.



Yes, all the rumours you’ve heard are true. A 2012 study from Manchester University in England found that your toothbrush may house more than 10 million bacteria, and a portion of that comes from fecal matter that’s sprayed around the room every time you flush the toilet.  If you must keep your toothbrush in the bathroom- always CLOSE the lid of the can before you flush.

Make up, perfume, nail polish, razor blades and electronics should also be kept outside your bathroom!

Bathroom Mistakes!