Things You Shouldn’t Say When Asking For A Pay Increase

It’s a new year, and perhaps you’re thinking about your job, your career plans and your bank account.

One of the biggest components of job dissatisfaction is pay, or lack there of…If you’re considering asking for a pay raise this year, here are some things you shouldn’t say when going into your boss to present your case.


First, don’t say “I’ve been here over a year”

How much you deserve to be paid should be more about the value of the work you’ve done rather than how long you’ve stuck around.


“My Rent Has Gone Up”

Yah, your boss doesn’t care to be bluntly honest.  They too have living expenses.  Plus listing your expensive rent may have your boss questioning your choices rather than consider paying you more.  Keep the conversation professional and focus on work only.




“I want a Rise of $10,000”

Demanding what you want isn’t going to help you, and 10 grand is a huge increase; not likely to happen.  Businesses don’t mind its workforce requesting a pay rise.   It shows a level of commitment, however, what employers do mind is employees not only demanding a raise but also being unrealistic in their requests.



“Give me a rise, Or I’ll give you notice”

Ultimatums never work in any situation…


Good luck!