Thinking about your own death is good for you!

It's good for you according to research

It’s not too pleasant to think about – but new research suggests that thinking about your own death can (sometimes) actually be good for you.

Researchers at the University of East London asked 18 to 80 their experiences of mortality – and how much they agreed with statements such as, ‘I do not let the fear of dying rule my life’.

The research suggests that – for some people – the fear of death can be a creative force, says

‘Those who are interested in passing down their succession to future generations as a way to transcend death are also likely to take responsibility for their health and place value on their internal development.

‘Working on leaving a legacy – whether it be producing art, raising a family, passing on family history or helping others – can also be a way for people to better tolerate ageing and face the prospect death.