Third Candidate For Provincial PC Nomination in Barrie-Innisfil

And he has 'inside' knowledge of what's expected

Shawn Bubel is looking to move from the backroom to the front line of politics. He’s announced his candidacy for the nomination as provincial PC candidate in Barrie-Innisfil. Bubel worked for Patrick Brown when he was MP for Barrie and has been Chief of Staff for current MP John Brassard. “Having worked side-by-side over the past decade with elected members from Queen’s Park and the House of Commons; I know the job intimately and fully understand the commitment it takes to get things done. I’m ready on day one to serve the constituents of Barrie-Innisfil and to help move Ontario forward”. Bubel sees big challenges facing the province. “Youth unemployment rises, red tape chokes us, health care fails us, hydro rates punish us and debt saddles us all. Ontario has gone from the economic engine of Canada to a have not province. We can do much better; and we must”. Two others are in the race – Butcher Shop owner Lawrence Vindum and Devin Scully, a former president of the Nipissing University Campus Conservatives. Barrie councillor Doug Shipley recently withdrew from the race.