Third Metal “Monolith” Found, This Time in the UK

Isle of Wight is the latest location for one of these Mysterious Sculptures

The Isle of Wight, just off the south coast of England, is known for its beautiful beaches. Dinosaur bone have also been discovered there. And now, we can add “mysterious metal sculpture” to the list.

On Sunday, December 6th, on Compton Beach on the island, a tall triangular “monolith” was spotted, very similar to the objects recently found in the Utah desert and Romania, which both “disappeared” shortly after being found.

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This sculpture looks to be a little shinier than the other two and also has a tilted top which makes the triangular shape very obvious.

The BBC reports:

The National Trust said it believed it owned the site where the structure had been placed.

A spokesman said: “Once we have had time to investigate, we will decide the best course of action.

“We were unaware that this monolith was going to be placed on the beach. Our rangers on the island are visiting the site to investigate.”

The mystery remains! Who is making and placing these sculptures? And, when will this one in the UK “disappear”. Do you think a group of artists is behind it? 

Image: Lee Peckham /Twitter