This Canadian Invention is the New Food Trend

It sold 250 000 units in one day this year! Do you have one?

The Instant Pot smart cooker was invented by Ottawa’s Robert Wang, Yi Qin and Dongjun Wang who had all worked in Ottawa’s tech sector. Wang tell the CBC, “Many kitchen appliances were designed for the lifestyle of our parents, of our grandparents. Now our generation lives a different lifestyle, so we need to rethink those legacy devices and make sure they adapt.

They  took the old pressure cooker and made it ‘smart’ so it no longer, for example, exploded if it got too hot! Now families could cook quickly and safely.

The Instant Pot which has become a huge hit. On Amazon Prime day this past July, they sold 250 000 units! That’s a quarter million sales in one day! This Black Friday, they hope to sell twice as many on Amazon.

Have you heard about the Instant Pot?

I heard about it about a month ago when my friends started talking about it on Facebook. The cooker was on sale at Canadian Tire so they were raving about it, telling their friends to get one. They love how quickly they can make great, home-cooked meals for their families.

If you check online, you’ll find communities of Instant Pot users and videos galore!

Here are just some of the videos from Instant Pot users:

I haven’t bought one yet, but I’m tempted!