This Holiday Season Here Are Some Great Gifts For Those Who Love Potty Humour!

It will be a gas this holiday season with these presents under the tree!

If you enjoy potty humour- and who doesn’t really…. There are some entertaining games out there for kids and adults.

The Toilet Trouble Game:


Flushing Frenzy Game:  This game comes with a plunger, poop and is sure to leaving you rolling around in laughter…

The good old Whoopee Cushion!

There’s the Flarp- That slim that comes in a cup and when you push into and cause air bubbles- it makes fart sounds!

If you need to add some magic into your potty fun- How about a game of “Don’t step in it” Unicorn Edition-where a player is blind folded and you try not to step in poop that’s sparkly- or you can go for the original version!

This one is more a toy than a game… Poopsie Slim Surprise! Its a unicorn doll that you feed and it poops.




For the prankster- There’s Liquid Ass Fart Spray, no explanation necessary!

Poop Emoji Slippers!

Or kinda like that fishing game for toddlers- You can help your little one improve their motor skills with Fishing for Floaters!

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