This is how hot it has to be in your office before you can legally walk out

Did you know that you can legally walk out if the temperature in your office reaches above a certain point.

This would have come in handy yesterday when KOOL FM had no power for the entire day!

The Health and Safety Executive says that employers have to take into account six basic factors when deciding whether to keep their staff in the workplace or not.

These include air temperature, radiant temperatures, air velocity, humidity, regulation clothing, and work rate.
And the temperature must be ‘reasonable’.

If enough of your colleagues complain about the temperature, you boss is legally obliged to carry out a risk assessment. And if they don’t, you can complain to an industry regulator.

The TUC say that the maximum temperature for a workplace is 30’C for desk work and 27’C for manual work. If your office exceeds that amount, you should be automatically sent home.