This Is How Many Boozy Chocolates You’d Have To Eat To Blow Over The Legal Limit!

Too many boozy chocolates can put you over the legal driving limit

Did you know that consuming too many could make it unsafe to drive?


According to research by All Car leasing, eating too many boozy chocolates can put you over the legal drinking-driving limit.


It’s tricky to determine how much alcohol will take you over this limit, as the rate at which alcohol is absorbed varies depending on your weight, age, sex, and metabolism. 


How much you’ve eaten and your stress levels also have a role to play. However, All Car Leasing estimates that eating 30 booze-filled chocolate will take you over the driving limit.


And it’s not just the boozy chocolate you should be aware of, as too much brandy-soaked Christmas cake or Tiramisu can also have you blowing over.  No more than two portions each!

If you’re drinking alcohol and eating boozy desserts, that’s most likely to get you into trouble.