This is how much you’re suppose to tip!

Be unsure no more…. Here’s how much you should tip! Waiter/Waitress In the past, the rule […]

Be unsure no more…. Here’s how much you should tip!

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In the past, the rule has generally been 15 percent for good and 20 percent for great service, with 10 percent indicating you were unhappy. However, and this may come as a shocker, the rule has moved up. In recent years, 18 percent has become the new minimum for indicating your happiness with the service.

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The standard is $1 a drink or 15 percent of the total bill should you pay at the end of the evening.


Coat Check

A dollar per coat will, hopefully, ensure you receive prompt and friendly service at the end of the night.


Food Delivery

While the minimum is at least $2 per order, that number should always increase for larger orders and if the weather during the service (especially if your deliverer is on bike) is particularly bad.



While most say 15 to 20 percent is the standard, if you’re a regular customer that really loves your hairdresser, 25 percent is the best way to show your appreciation and ensure you always score that last minute appointment.



Depending on the size of the move and how many people involved, $10 to $20 per mover is a good rule to follow. If they’ve worked a long day or the move involved lots of stairs, a $20 is appropriate. Life pro tip: It’s also a good idea to have bottles of cold water on hand to offer them.


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