This Is The Worst Thing You Can Do At A Holiday Party!

It may not be what you think!

According to a new survey in the NY Post, the worst thing you can do at a party is,  show up sick.

Heads up if you are heading to a party this season, if you don’t bring something- you will most likely not get invited back according to the survey.   While showing up empty handed is super annoying, what’s worse is when guest show up sick.


Other annoying habits of party guests include:

Getting too drunk
Arriving too early
being the last one to leave
And asking for food or drinks that are not out



It’s pretty much Holiday party season, and we are willing to spend a lot to have the most epic holiday bash!


A new survey reveals that party planning takes more money than you may think!  The average party when you factor in food, drinks and decor will set you back about $1,422.65.


The survey found that this cost isn’t just associated with holiday parties… If you’re average, you will host about seven parties each year!  

Why do we do this?  According to the survey, 71% of party people are completely stressed out planning it.