This Man After 18 Years Finally Gets To Wear Pants. Find Out Why!

You can say the short streak, ended?

All photos courtesy of CityNews.

There is dedication to your team, dedication to sports, and there’s Chris Matthew.

The Winnipeg Blue Bomber fan vowed back IN 2001 to his friends that he would NOT wear pants until the Bomber’s won the Grey Cup.

Back then, he was hoping they’d beat the Stampeders and the joke would have lasted the night.

Yeah. It didn’t.

Winnipeg lost and has TAKEN 18 years to get back to Grey Cup contention!

Best part about this story? Two things.

1 – Chris got a call on Saturday night. He was going to the Grey Cup because of Shaw.

2- The Bombers Won.

Chris’s story blew up online, and now, he can wear pants.