This Will Make You Smile! Photographer Creates ‘Friends’ Shoot with Newborn Babies…

This was created before social distancing!

Photographer Mandy Penn put six tiny babies together to represent Chandler, Joey, Rachel, Ross, Monica and Phoebe. And OMG!

Mandy specializes in shooting babies and in this one, she nails it.

The idea started when she found out that her friend was having twins!  Mandy’s friend agreed to let her shoot a theme with the babies.  Soon after, she created a Central Perk background and her other friend Danielle Shunk, created a replica of the famous couch.  

Mandy had to twin girls on board, but needed four additional babies to complete this epic photo shoot.  She put out a general call for parents looking to have their babies photographed.  Check out the babies!


This is baby Chandler!

He comes with a duck, a foosball table and the handcuffs from when Rachel’s boss Joanna locked him to her desk!  There was also a meme card created that reads:   ‘I’m not great at advice, but can I interest you in a sarcastic comment?’


This is baby Ross! 

He’s wrapped in pleather to represent the leather pants we wore on the show along with the baby powder also from that same episode. Also in the baby Ross shoot, Marcel the monkey, some Dinosaur fossils and a sigh “PIVOT”


This is baby Rachel.

She shoot came complete with a lobster, a Central Perk Apron and a wig to represent the famous haircut that everyone wanted in the 90s.


Baby Monica! 

Cleaning supplies, the famous Turkey from Thanksgiving and a pan- cause she’s a chef!


Here’s Joey! 

Baby Joey is wearing layers of clothes in tribute to the one where Joey puts on all of Chandler’s clothes without any underwear!  Also for Joey, a Pizza, Toblerone bar, a foosball table his favourite book Love You Forever. His sign says “How you doing?” 


Baby Phoebe! 

Naturally she has a guitar, a smelly cat, three babies (because she had her brother’s triplets) and a yellow taxi!  Her sign says ‘Hello my name is Regina Phalange.’

Also in the shoot- a pic from when all the girls wore wedding dresses and the Holiday Armadillo!