Thor’s Hammer and Captain America’s Shield Comes to Fortnite in Time for ‘Avengers: Endgame’

Oh good, another distraction for the kids!

Use the weapons to defeat Thanos inside the latest update to the game!  Oh, good- now we’ll never get them off Fortnite!

Last year Fortnite released Thanos in concert with The Avengers and now the battle royale game unveiled an update yesterday morning putting kids into a state of excitement!

New weapons like Thor’s Hammer, Hawkeye’s Bow, and Captain America’s Shield found in the item shop can all be found, and used to fight Thanos, who returns to the game.

Players split into two teams in the update, Team Thanos featuring the big guy and Chitauri Invaders and a team of Heroes. Just like the films, you fight to protect the Infinity Stones in Fortnite, but this time the battle has moved to Battle Royale Island. Also, much like the movie, if Thanos collects all the Infinity Stones before you are able to defeat him, you lose the ability to respawn, and eventually die.

The Endgame edition of the game is available for a limited time.  The movie is out in wide release today!