Thoughts Everyone Has While Shopping At Canadian Tire

Why does the rubber smell get stronger as you shop!

It’s a Canadian institution, and we’ve all been shopping at Canadian Tire since our dads would take us as kids… Now as adults, we have our own thoughts and conclusions about the store…

For example: 


Why does the store continuously smell like rubber? It’s like it’s tire-scented.

Ooooh, look at this patio set! And this lounger!

Bug spray! I definitely need some bug spray. Oh, and sunscreen!

Maybe I should get a cart!  

Knives! My knives are crap. Grown-ups should have a good set of knives. 

Ooh, a garlic press- I need one of those

OMG!  Cake Boss Cake Kits- I need one!

What’s with these giant marshmallows 

The rubber smell is getting stronger…

I should get a new air freshener for my car… my car would then smell like a gentle breeze on a tropical island.

I need garbage bags! 

I need to ask a question… Where is one of those teenagers who work here?

They won’t know the answer anyways…

Can’t wait for the Christmas light season!