Three Child Deaths Prompt Recall Of IKEA Dresser in U.S.

Recall for repair or refund offered in Canada

dresserIKEA has stopped selling its Malm line of dressers. They have been recalled in the U.S. The recall comes after the deaths of three toddlers in the U.S. A two year old died when he was pinned against his bed after the six drawer chest tipped over. Warnings were issued in 2015 about a tipping hazard and kits were distributed to help fasten the dresser to the wall.

IKEA Canada in partnership with Health Canada, has announced, it will only sell chests of drawers that meet the voluntary North American ASTM standard requirements on free-standing stability. The retailer has also issued a recall for repair or refund on unattached chests of drawers that do not meet the free-standing stability requirements of the ASTM standard. While IKEA is making this commitment to the free-standing stability of its chests of drawers, it will continue to make wall attachment an integral part of the assembly of IKEA chests of drawers as it “really is the single best preventative measure against furniture tip-overs.”

As part of its commitment to the importance of securely anchoring furniture to the wall, IKEA Canada has issued a recall for repair or refund of those unattached chests of drawers in consumers’ homes that do not comply with the free-standing stability requirements of the North American ASTM standard and are above 60cm for children’s chests of drawers and above 75cm for adult chests of drawers. A list of affected chests of drawers can be found on IKEA’s website at Customers who, for any reason, cannot secure their IKEA chests of drawers to the wall are advised to take them back to any IKEA location for a refund. Customers are entitled to a full refund for chests and dressers manufactured between January 2002 and June 2016. Chests of drawers manufactured prior to 2002 will be eligible for a partial store credit. For any customer that still wants to keep their IKEA chest of drawers, but who did not keep their tip-over restraint, a free wall anchoring kit can be picked up at any IKEA location or one can be delivered to their home by contacting the Customer Support Centre at 1-800-661-9807 or by visiting