Three-Quarters Of People Are Tired Of 2020!

Most people are sick and tired of being sick and tired!

A new survey asked 2000 people how 2020 treated them and not surprisingly people are exhausted by feeling overwhelmed!


Of those living with someone, 46% are on the brink of losing it due to the lack of privacy during the quarantine.


The average respondent shared they only get nine hours of true alone time a week, but 8% even said they get no alone time at all.


Over half of people (55%) say they often struggle to find time for self-care routines. In fact, the average respondent only takes part in four self-care routines in a typical week.


Two in five respondents, however, may have found an effective self-care routine in CBD – with 11% using CBD daily and 28% opting to use it occasionally.