Ticketmaster Changed It’s Policy Preventing People From Getting Refunds For Postponed Shows

It's a wait and see situation as of right now.

This pandemic has caused hundreds of concerts and major events to be cancelled or postponed.  Many of the postponed events have unknown rescheduled dates.

Prior to this pandemic, Ticketmaster did allow refunds on postponed, rescheduled or cancelled shows and events, according to reports.

According to fans and many online, Live Nation who owns Ticketmaster changed the wording of the policy regarding refunds.

The refund policy now states that only cancelled shows will entitle people to refunds.

So if your event or show that you still have tickets for has been postponed, you have no option but to wait for a rescheduled date or hope it gets cancelled if you’re hoping for your money back!

Ticketmaster says that they updated their guidelines on March 12th regarding the pandemic-related changes, but insist its purchase policy never changed.

The policy, as per the website on April 15, indicates refunds are processed automatically for cancelled events, but that the event organizer may set its own “refund limitations” on postponed or rescheduled shows.

Keep in mind, some of the current postponed shows may end up being cancelled due to scheduling conflicts.