Tiffani Thiessen Could Have Played Rachel Green On Friends!

Wait, what?

Did you know that our beloved Kelly Kapowski from Saved By the Bell could spend her 20’s at Central Perk?  Tiffani Thiessen revealed that she auditioned for the role of Rachel Green on Friends!  She said in an interview that she lost out on the role of a lifetime because of her youthful look… Tiffany was just 20 in 1994 when she read for the roll… It worked out however; as she went on to land a staring roll on Beverly Hills 90210.  The cast of Friends were all 25 and older when the show started.

In fact, Tiffany isn’t the only actor who auditioned for Friends and didn’t make the cut… Jane Krakowski  (cousin Vickie in National Lampoon’s Vacation) also auditioned for the part of Rachel, Eric McCormack from Will & Grace tried out for Ross, and Vince Vaughn failed to land the role of Joey.