Tim Hortons Employees Are Sharing The “Stupidest” Orders They’ve Ever Received!

Some are pretty weird!

According to InsideTimmies.com about 15% of Canadian’s make a Tim’s stop daily in 3,500 locations across the country!

According to this website, Tim Horton’s serves up about 2 billion cups of coffee each year and of those coffees, 8 out of 10 are served up in Canada.


So with this being said, you can expect that some people order more than just coffee, and some requests are weird!

In a thread on Reddit, several Tim Horton’s employees have listed the “Stupidest” orders they’ve ever received. 

Some stupid orders include:


  1.  A french vanilla with 4 sugars and an extra shot of caramel.

2.      Extra large coffee with 10 luges and 6 cream..

3.      Strawberry cream cheese on a Jalapeno bagel. large coffee 7 sweetener 5 cream 

4.      Raisin bagel with onions

5.      (Charlie’s order) Plain wrap with ham and lettuce only


Check out the thread!  Click here!