Tim Horton’s Launching All Day Breakfast Across Canada

Coming This Month!

Good news late-sleepers! No longer will you have to rush our the door at 11:50 to get your hungry little paws on breakfast! Tim Horton’s has finally decided to board the all-day breakfast bandwagon.

The Canadian coffee chain announced that soon customers will be able to buy breakfast sandwiches any time of the day. This follows the trend that both McDonalds and A&W hopped on in 2017. Tim Horton’s will start rolling out Wednesday in select locations, opening it up to all locations following a pilot period.


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“The demand is loud and clear,” Tim Hortons president Alex Macedo told The Canadian Press in May. “Any time we bring up the idea of breakfast at any time, the response is very favourable and very strong.” Macedo says the brand is also looking into introducing self-serve kiosks, kids menu, loyalty programs and even a delivery service — some features that McDonalds have offered for years.

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Image courtesy Tim Hortons