Tim Horton’s Plans To Launch Pay-And-Go App

Skip the line but miss out on chatting with your friendly Tim Horton's cashier.

Soon you could be buying your Tim’s coffee through an app and not have to wait in line!

The parent company of Tim Horton’s and Burger King plans to launch this Canada-wide app where you can pay in advance on your phone. Restaurant Brands International is doing what Starbucks is already doing.

This is following the whole automated customer service trend like pre-selecting movie tickets online or self check-out at a grocery store or making reservations for something. “…and for those immersed in their own world, possibly avoid unwanted human interaction,” says David Hardisty, an assistant professor at the Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.

Convenient? Yes. You could avoid something like this:

Image via InsideTimmies

But this puts someone out of a job and we’re already so disconnected from one another that this is yet another thing that we can do without having to talk to a real person. This prevents what could be a lovely little interaction between a cashier and customer. You could be missing this:

YouTube /. McMasterUTV

Call me old fashioned but I like the little interactions I have with the Tim Horton’s cashiers and I feel like an app could take that away.

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Main Image via Her Campus