Time For New Licence Plates?

Peeling paint, general wear-and-tear can make them hard to read

South Simcoe Police are on the hunt for illegible or worn out licence plates. “We’ve noticed that there are cars out there with licence plates that have the paint peeling”, said Sergeant Sheryl Sutton.”Over the next few months, we’ll be stopping drivers and giving them advice on how to get them replaced.” Ontario licence plates are covered by a 5 year manufacturers warranty. Defective plates will be replaced free of charge. Drivers must take both plates, the ownership, proof of insurance and identification to any Service Ontario office. They will then have their plates replaced free of charge, and the validation sticker reissued. “It’s education as opposed to enforcement”, said Sutton. “We need licence plates to be legible in order to do our jobs properly and we’re hoping this program can make a difference.”