Tinder Is Warning Users About Protecting Themselves From Coronavirus

Thank you????

The popular dating site, Tinder has given its users some advice on how to protect themselves while out looking for love!

The message, which says “Your wellbeing is our #1 priority,” doesn’t get prime placement in the app.

It took several minutes of consistent swiping through probably dozens of people before the message finally appeared.

Tinder’s advice is pretty consistent with everyone’s advice!

The pop-up also includes tips and a checklist of the basic protocol for avoiding a viral infection, which is consistent with advice from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: vigilant hand hygiene, avoiding touching your face and avoiding contact with infected individuals.

Some users felt the need to comment about the fact that Tinder has more pressing issues to deal with…Someone writing in part, protect me from cheesy pick up lines and weirdos please.