Tips for Staying Cool at Summer Weddings

How To Enjoy & Not Overheat

Wedding Season is here and so is the humidity!

Here’s 6 easy tips to stay cool while celebrating this Summer.

Water is your friend. Even though it’s a celebration and the alcohol is flowing, remember to drink plenty of water. Alcohol dehydrates you, and if it’s also hot and humid where you are, your body will definitely appreciate being replenished.

Take a break. The music is pumping and you’re dancing up a storm, but remember to take breaks and get some fresh air outside. A nice breeze will help your body cool right down.

Bring your own handheld spritzer fan. This is a genius invention. (Ladies- waterproof mascara would be a great idea for this!)

Take off your jacket as soon as possible! Guys, it’s understandable you want to look presentable in a suit jacket, but take it off as soon as the ceremony is over in order not to roast the rest of the night!

Ladies, forget the fancy heels, go for a dressy sandal instead. Not only will your feet thank you the next morning, but you’ll also be able to keep your toesies nice and cool.

Go skinny dipping. **** WARNING This one is just for the bold and brave. ****