Tis The Season To Be Scammed

Take heed

Collus PowerStream and OPP have issued a warning after a Blue Mountains resident said she had been contacted several times, by phone, by someone saying her water bill in in arrears and to call a 1-800 number to sort it out. Failure to do so, the caller said, could mean a lien would be put on her house. Police and PowerStream advise you do not respond to such calls, but the call the utility directly to determine if there is an issue with your bill.

South Simcoe Police say a Bradford woman was quick to realize something was awry after giving out her credit card number. She had received a message on her computer screen, purportedly from Microsoft, suggesting her computer was infected and advising she call for assistance in removing a virus. After agreeing to service, she became suspicious and quickly changed her computer password, cancelled her credit card and called police. South Simcoe Police investigated two additional internet-fraud cases. In both cases the victims had doubts and took action to protect themselves from financial loss.

Police remind people to never give out personal or financial information over the internet or the phone. No financial company will ask for banking or credit card information over the phone or internet. If in doubt, end the transaction and call the company directly.

image: Don Hankins via Flickr