TLC’S ‘Trading Spaces’ Is Coming Back To TV

Interior Design Show Back After 10 Years

After ten years of being off air, TLC has officially announced that ‘Trading Spaces’ is coming back to TV!

The home renovation show aired from 2000-2008, transforming hundreds of rooms for the better or, in some cases, for the worse depending on who you asked.

Neighbours had to literally “trade spaces”, and they would work with designers to completely change a room in each others houses, and then they would be surprised with the big reveal of their own room at the end of the show.

Still no word yet if original host Paige Davis is going to be hosting the revamp though, and it seems like she doesn’t know either.

The new season of ‘Trading Spaces’ is slated to air sometime in 2018.


(Image Source: TLC, Video Courtesy of TLC & wakeupscreaming/YouTube)