Today Is The First Full Day Of Spring.  What Are Our Spring Cleaning Habits!

ready, set, clean!

A survey found that we love to clean…We all secretly have a little Danny Tanner in us!

Here are some of the findings…

1.  The most common place to start your spring cleaning is in the bedroom.  48% of people in the survey said that’s where they’ll start.


2.  62% said they have at least one closet filled with stuff they’re not using.  And 41% said they have stuff taking up space in their garage.


3.  34% said living with someone who’s tidy is very important to them.


4.  One of the top things we’d like to accomplish is turning a room into a home office.  26% want to turn a cluttered space into a nice guest room.


5.  The top things we think we can SELL when we spring clean are old electronics and clothes or shoes.


6.  70% of us feel a sense of accomplishment after we clean, 61% said they feel “de-stressed”, and 54% feel more relaxed in a clean space.