Toilet Light Is The Trick So Your Boys Don’t Pee On The Floor

The mess boys make in the bathroom sometimes defies logic!

Moms with boys know the struggle!  From potty training using fruit loops to them completely missing the bowl- the struggle is real!

But perhaps this could help!  If you are trying to potty train or have kids that are trained and should be able to hit the bowl every time-this product is for you!  If you’re dreaming of a pee-free wall or floor why not purchase the Toddler Target Potty Training Bullseye Nightlight for $30 from amazon!

According to the manufacturer, the gadget attaches to the toilet seat, and the green light turns on and off with a motion sensor, which can be seen during the day or at night. It has a fully adjustable design to fit almost any toilet!  Brilliant! Buy one for each toilet!