Too Many Thefts; Too Few Safety Measures

Residents need to be more vigilant

Items stolen include vehicles, ATVs, electronics, personal ID, credit cards, cash and alcohol. OPP say there’s been one common denominator in these thefts – several of them – that have occured in our region from rural areas to the City of Barrie: unlocked homes, garages and vehicles. In many cases, the victims were home at the time; in two break-ins in Penetanguishene the victims were sleeping. Police ask everyone to be vigilant in ensuring their vehicles, homes and garages are locked, including the garage entry to the house. They also suggest placing car keys in an area that is not easy to locate – a bedside table, perhaps, activating alarms prior to going to bed, and making sure all the outside and sensor lighting is functioning. And don’t forget to lock vehicles when they are not being used, and don’t leave anything valuable inside.