Top 5: Backyard Family Fun Ideas

Not JUST For Kids

With Summer just around the corner the kids are soon to say the famous words… “Mommy, I’m boooorrrred.”

Here are some easy ideas that will get the kids and you out and enjoying Summer, right in the comfort of your very own backyard!


DIY Mud Table- Get dirty! Get a bucket, wheelbarrow, or old Tupperware container mix water and dirt, and you’re set! (Plus you can rise the kids off with the garden hose when they’re done!)

Obstacle Course- Make a bunch of tasks like walking along a garden hose, crawling under tables, hula hooping, throwing a ball in a bucket, etc., and see who can finish the course the fastest.


Scavenger/Treasure Hunt- Make a list of things to find that would naturally be in the backyard like rocks, pine cones, flowers etc., and the person who finds the most and/or is done in a time limit wins! Or, make rhyming clues and hide them around the backyard. Each clue leads to the next, and eventually they find the hidden treasure!


Outside Movie Night- Set up a big screen TV or a bed sheet and projector, add pillows, air mattresses, blankets, and popcorn, and you’ve got an outdoor movie theatre under the stars!


Backyard Camping- No need to leave the comfort of your very own home, (or running water and clean bathrooms for that matter), set up a campsite in the backyard and do all the things you would normally do while camping in the middle of no where; play games, sing songs, BBQ etc.

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