Top 5 Kid-Friendly DIY Mother’s Day Ideas

Guaranteed to pull Mom's heart strings, if you're lucky she'll even cry...

Anybody can buy a gift at the store but a handmade craft is what pulls the heart string and gives mom the keepsake sentimental value she’s looking for this Sunday!

It’s not going to get too complicated here, I’m a non-crafty Dad with a 5 year-old boy and a 3 month-old girl. Quick, easy and no mess, (obviously that’s a joke, there will be a mess.)

First, we start with your homemade card ideas:

  1. Mother’s Day Flower Pot Card.

Materials needed: Construction paper, scissors, glue, yarn, markers and 1 or 2 pictures of your kids

2. 3D Flower Photo

Materials needed: take a stage photo the you’ll need pipe cleaner, coloured tissue paper, glue and construction paper

3. Personalized Potted Plant

It’s planting season and besides Mom needs to be reminded of how small her children once were, achieve both with a hand printed flower pot.

Materials needed: plant pot, paint and Mom’s favourite plant to go inside

Personalized Plant 🌸 Mother’s Day is only a week away! One of my fave go-to gifts for grandparents is a personalized potted plant! . . . We picked up this beautiful plant on sale at @traderjoes and then made it a little more special with a handprint from each grandchild. This will be an indoor plant so we just used our normal tempera paint. If you’re planning to keep a the pot outside, puff paint or outdoor paint from your local craft store work best. It’s so simple and I just love making those little handprints into keepsakes.💐 What’s your go-to Mother’s Day gift? #weneedmoreglitter #mothersday #mothersdaycraft #diygifts #flowers #handprints #homemade #grandparents #giftsforgrandma #simple #simplychildren

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4. Mother’s Day Mug

It’s an instant win for Mom, her morning coffee from will bring smiles. It can be these little butterflies or go with a baby’s foot or hand print.

Materials needed: plain coloured mug, paint, your child

5. Wooden Spoon Garden Craft

Mom is going to be spending plenty of time in the garden this month, this craft is a win with Mom, (it’s one less wooden spoon in the drawer) and a win with any toddler.

Materials needed: Wooden spoon, pipe cleaner, paint, markers