Top 5: Random Ways To Stay Cool (and Kool)

How are you staying cool/kool?

1. Run through a sprinkler

They’re not just for kids. I can’t even tell you the number of times I’ve timed it so that when my neighbour’s automatic sprinkler comes on, I jump through it!

2. Buy a gardener’s towel

Kool FM listener Sheila called me on the weekend with some tips to stay cool and she recommended this for people who don’t have air conditioning. You can even sleep with it!


3. Have coffee…

It doesn’t always have to be hot.


4. Buy an ice vest

K we’re getting into the hardcore ways to cool down but this summer definitely calls for this. Humidex in the 40s? This could be a good investment!


5. Buy an umbrella fan.

Again, it’s a bit extreme but necessary for a summer like this…rain and thunderstorms today but still feels like 33! This is the perfect fix.


How are you keeping cool/kool?

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