TOP 5: Things Better Than ‘Pokémon Go’

As Voted By You

The app/game has been out for two weeks, and is now available in Canada making your Facebook feed littered with posts about who caught what Pokémon where.

So I asked YOU to name something BETTER than the Pokémon Go app, and here are the TOP 5 of what you came up with…


5) Sticking your finger in a socket.

Someone REALLY doesn’t like Pokémon.

4) Reading a book.

Something you can also enjoy outside in the fresh air.

3) Life.

In general. Great answer.

2) Wine/Beer.

Totally understandable. Hearing too much about Pokémon Go might just drive someone to drink.

1) Anything/Everything

Pretty self explanatory. This was the most popular answer.



(Image Source- Niantic/Nintendo)