Top 5 Things That Have Now Been Around for 20 Years

2020 making us feel old over here

These items were released in the year 2000…


This technology was made available for the first time. You could buy the individual touch screen models and mount them on the dash of the car with those suction cup things. They weren’t always dependable, one time I was led to a Corn Field in the middle of nowhere.


I remember like it was yesterday, (only it wasn’t.) 20 years ago Abercrombie & Fitch was hugely popular. I think I still have a bottle of cologne somewhere, you would walk into their store in the Mall and that smell covered everything. Hollister jeans became the trend, (sorry Tommy Hilfiger!)

Cast Away

Somehow a movie with little to no talking made us become incredibly and emotionally attached to a volleyball named, Wilson. Only Tom Hanks could make that happen.

Sony Playstation 2

Clearly, the name wasn’t very cutting edge, but I owned the first Playstation and this one was a substantial upgrade. The Sony PS2 was the pinnacle for gaming consoles. Still, to this day it’s the most popular console of all time, having sold over 150 million units.


Technically the first Blackberry phone was released in 1999 but it was more of a two-way pager. By 2002 Blackberry unveiled an actual phone, but it was the capable user friendly keyboard that brought instant attention. At its peak, Blackberry had 85 million users worldwide. Blackberry users were extremely loyal to the product too, (my Aunt Colleen still uses one.)