Top 5: Useless Things The Internet Has Given Us

The Web Turned 25 Years Old Today

August 23rd 1991 was when we gained access to the worldwide web for the first time.

…and now we use it to check Facebook 50 times a day.

Granted the Internet HAS brought many benefits over the 25 years of its creation; due to being able to access information around the world, in seconds, 24/7. BUT, the Internet has also given us access to many useless things too. Like:

Endless Memes- There’s one for every day of the week, every event in a person’s lifetime, and even memes about memes.


YouTube- We’d never be able to waste hours upon hours watching cute videos if kittens and puppies or hilarious videos of people falling down.

(Courtesy YouTube-The Daily)

Internet Trolls- Giving bullies another way to spread hatred while hiding behind a keyboard.


A New Way To Get A Virus- Forget flu season, you’re ALWAYS susceptible to computer viruses when online, that will give you that blue screen of death.


Kanye West Twitter Rants- Because just watching this guy rant on stage isn’t enough.