Tori and Dean Fake affair!

Celebrities faking things for extra publicity is nothing new…but Tori & Dean have taken it […]

Celebrities faking things for extra publicity is nothing new…but Tori & Dean have taken it to the next level by faking an AFFAIR in December of last year to get back on the reality show circuit. Sources reveal that cracks in the couple’s affair started to reveal themselves when no one could track down McDermott’s alleged paramour, a faceless woman named Emily. Considering how often mistresses sell their stories to tabloids for huge payouts, Emily’s radio silence is definitely a red flag. Sources close to the couple allege the pair’s financial issues and four kids drove them to create this insane plot.


Baseball icon Derek Jeter has been slapped with a lawsuit amid allegations he backed out of an underwear deal after 50 Cent was hired as brand ambassador. Jeter reportedly signed a three-year deal to serve as a company director in 2011 and help promote the Swedish firm. Once the company expanded into the U.S. and recruited 50 Cent has the new face (do you really need a face to sell undies?) Derek said, I’d rather side in the back…. 50 Cent signed a deal worth $87 million with the undie brand (Frigo).


Rihanna is reportedly launching her own marijuana line. MaRihanna will feature different strains of the plant as well as edibles and concentrates, according to…. The new line will launch early next year and will be available in Alaska, Oregon, Washington and Colorado. Rihanna is not the only celebrity to get into the ganja! Snoop Dogg recently launched his own brand of marijuana products called Leafs by Snoop… The Weeknd has own marijuana vaporiser and earlier this year, Willie Nelson announced plans to open up a chain of pot dispensaries throughout America. He will release his Willie Weed line through them.


Blade Runner 2 just added a big name to the cast. Ryan Gosling will star alongside Harrison Ford in the sequel! We don’t know who he is playing, but who cares, it’s Ryan Gosling! Harrison Ford will reprise his role as police officer Rick Deckard, who hunted-down lifelike androids in a futuristic, hi-tech Los Angeles. The movie starts filming next summer.


‘A Very Murray Christmas’ is ready for those who have Netflix…(trailer at kool fm Barrie on Facebook!) The special features Bill attempting to go forward with a live broadcast of his Christmas variety show after a blizzard shuts down New York City. The trailer features big names such as George Clooney, Amy Pohler, Chris Rock and Miley Cyrus. Bill Murray’s holiday special airs on December 4th.


Now that David Beckham has been named the sexiest man alive by People Magazine, its only fitting that a follow up article be done entitled: The Dave Beckham Guide to Taking Your Shift Off. Step 1: Take your shirt off Step 2: Assess your location- (don’t be taking your shift off at your kids soccer game) Step 3: Consider heading to a more tropical location! Step 4: Think about what you’re going to do with your face… Step 5: star into the distance