Tori Spelling Forced To Pay Back $88,000 Now That She’s Working!

Tori Spelling May Be Back On TV But, But That Doesn’t Mean Her Financial Troubles Are Over!

According to reports, Spelling is yet to pay off the over $88,000 that she owes American Express Bank!  Tori is now said to be making $85,000 per episode for the new reboot to BH90210 and the bank wants its money! says that AMEX has asked that the Sheriff’s office enforce the judgement, after the bank filed a Writ of Execution on August 16, 2019.

The bank sued Spelling  in January 2016 for failing to pay her credit card bills. She was ordered to pay back $87,594.55 in October 2016.

And this isn’t the only Money trouble as Dean and Tori also owe $400,000 that they borrowed from City National Bank!  It’s unclear if this issue was totally resolved.