Toronto Street Filled with Inflatable Santa’s

It started as a joke, now it's a tradition...

It started in 2013 when one neighbour thought it would be funny to put a 14-foot inflatable Santa on the front lawn.

Another neighbour, likely to make each other laugh decided to buy and display the same Santa.

Suddenly several other neighbours not only bought the same inflatable Santa but all at the same Canadian Tire location until they were sold out. The company caught wind of what this Toronto street was up to and delivered 23 more Santas to residents on Inglewood Drive & Mt. Pleasant Rd.

It’s now become an incredible Christmas tradition that transforms Inglewood Drive in Toronto to “Kringlewood!”

Over the years more Santa’s have been added and now there is over 50. Inglewood Drive & Mt. Pleasant Rd. is now a destination of Christmas cheer for everybody to enjoy.