UPDATE: Town of Innisfil Pleads Guilty, Accepts Fine After On-The-Job Incident

Worker Hurt At Public Works Yard Last Year

The town of Innisfil has been fined $100,000 after a town worker was hurt on the job. The worker was one of two helping to load old equipment into a trailer at the Innisfil Public Works yard on January 27th of last year, when the equipment tipped and fell. A Barrie court says the Town failed to ensure proper procedures were followed and levied the fine. The Town of Innisfil says the employee lost his balance and fell from a flat bed truck while near a loader moving heavy metal shelves. The shelves, carrying “a six-foot-tall bolts bin shelving unit that held metal items” then fell onto the flat bed. The Town pleaded guilty to failing to ensure a signaller was properly in place, and accepted the $100,000 fine. “We respect the Court’s decision and are satisfied with the outcome of this case, particularly given that the Court accepted our joint sentencing submission and imposed a lower fine” said Innisfil CAO Jason Reynar. “We have taken meaningful steps to prevent accidents in our workplace and will continue to do so.  Our focus is on improving our procedures, training and safety programs overall to ensure the health and safety of all of our employees at all times.” The maximum fine for this offense is $500,000.