Toys r Us Sells Questionable Toys

Naming a toy can be tricky. Sometimes they get it wrong!

Toys ‘R’ Us has filed for bankruptcy protection in the United States and says it intends to follow suit in Canada.  This as the company gets ready to open at brand new store at Park Place in the South End of Barrie…

It’s really sad when you think about it.  So many memories as a child going to Toys r Us in the 80’s and 90’s… I was truly a Toys r Us kid!

So many factors as to why the legendary Toy store may soon be no more.  Dale & Charlie have their theory.  Perhaps its because of those inappropriate toy names.  For example:

BallBuster!  Remember this one?

Monsters in my pocket

Sponge Bob Bikini Bottom Groom & Go!

Smurf Punch Balls

They don’t make them like they used too..