Trailer For New Movie “Wonder” Will Make You Feel All The Feels

Wonder Is An Adaptation Of The R.J. Palacio Novel

I hope you have a tissue ready, this may make you weep.

Jacob Tremblay, the Canadian actor who played Jack in Room, is starring in the new film Wonder, but you won’t recognize him. Tremblay plays Auggie, a young boy born with facial differences. Auggie had been home schooled until 5th grade because he was always in and out of hospitals but then his parents decide to enroll him in regular school.

Tremblay’s parents are played by Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson. Auggie initially finds making friends difficult, and is bullied by some of his classmates, but he eventually makes friends and learns that “you can’t really blend in when you’re born to stand out“.

Weird…I think some dust got in to my eye.