Truly Canadian; Green Slime!

The slime craze actually started on You Can't Do That On Television before Nickelodeon decided to make it a part of their entire network.

90s Kids Will Be Shocked To Learn What Nostalgic Green Slime Was Made Of.. and that we Canadians did it first!

Shows like Double Dare, You Can’t Do That On Television, and Slime Time Live made being slimed the dream of every child of that decade.

In a recent interview with Tech Insider via YouTube video, former host of Double Dare and What Would You Do?, Marc Summers, gave the inside scoop on what exactly Nickelodeon’s famous green slime consisted of.

Yup, you heard it from the source’s mouth: Nickelodeon’s slime was actually made using vanilla pudding, applesauce, green food colouring, and some oatmeal (just for some added chunkiness).

The goop was perfectly safe for consumption, unlike the slime of today, which has lead to a few injuries because of harmful ingredients like borax.

Summers tells Tech Insider that the slime craze actually started on You Can’t Do That On Television before Nickelodeon decided to make it a part of their entire network.