Turnip Tops Or Rapini Is The Hot New Veggie In Culinary Trends

Its an enquired taste!

It’s not as sexy as kale or even asparagus- but the bitter Green appears to be the new thing in food!

Once known as ‘peasant food’, turnip tops or as the Italians call it “cime di raps,” is now being stocked on supermarket shelves just in time for the Holiday season!

Using veggie tops is nothing new for Italians!   Beet greens, zucchini flowers, and celery leaves have often been used to create a dish…

Part of the appeal of turnip tops lies in their versatility, according to the article.  They’re traditionally used in a range of different cuisines, including Italian, Spanish and Korean food (in which they are often fermented and served kimchi-style).


If you are looking for ways to prepare this veggie, here are a few ideas for you!

Italian-Style Garlicky Rapini

Saute Rapini

How to make a perfect Rapini!