Twenty-Two Storey Building Proposed For Barrie YMCA Site

YMCA On The Move, Wants to Be Replaced With High Density Buildings

A first glimpse of what could take the place of Barrie’s YMCA on Grove Street. Developers were on hand at City Hall Monday night, to show councillors a proposed four-building complex, ranging in height from 19 to 22 storeys tall. The project would also include a two-storey amenity building and an open space area, and come with 924 residential units. There’s a rule in the Barrie books that restricts high density residential buildings to the downtown core, and it’s being asked that council give this proposal an exception to that rule, along with a rezoning to allow for the project to go ahead. Several area residents turned out to warn council this would increase traffic flow to an area that can’t handle it. The 2.6 hectare land is owned by the YMCA and is the current site of an aging recreational facility, the renovation of which is projected to cost over $20 million. Instead, the YMCA is working on moving to a new facility in the downtown core.